Our team was formed by students who are motivated to, in addition to their everyday obligations at University, take part and participate in extracurricular activities such as this student project. The team is structured so that every member has a chance to show his curiosity, innovation and skills. As such a team, we want to compare our products of our invested time with our colleagues from other Universities in Serbia but also Europe and the world. This is why our team wishes to participate in as many competitions out there, some of which are:


August 2019.

The Air Cargo Challenge was started by a group of young aircraft enthusiasts, students of aviation from Lisbon. Inspired by the North American Design/Build/Fly event, the first European competition in aviation takes place in 2003. The Air Cargo Challenge has been held every two years and in 2007, the ACC has become recognized by various universities around Europe.

The competition is mainly for engineering students, with the goal for them to develop their interests and knowledge in aviation. During the competition, each team is given the chance to test their knowledge while at the same time developing all the necessary skills required for teamwork, organizational skills and ultimately to overcome all other challenges: technical, financial and communication. It is a unique opportunity to participate, develop and perfect a multidisciplinary and challenging project from the very idea to the realization.

In order to participate, the team must design, document and make a remote-controlled aircraft that is able to take off with a maximum load attached. The takeoff trail is 60m long and it must fly 10 x 100m as fast as possible and land to a place previously specified by the organizing staff. The rules are tailored specifically for each competition, meaning that each aircraft must be redesigned and reconstructed to achieve the best results. However, the team must adhere to competing regulations that include design constraints such as limited engine power and propeller.

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April 2020.

DESIGN BUILD FLY or DBF is a RC aircraft competition that takes part every year in April in the USA. The aim of the competition is to gather students from throughout the USA and the world that are involved in the design and construction of RC aircraft. These aircraft must the appropriate requirements defined by the rules. The aircraft must perform certain ground and air missions. In addition, teams must also submit a comprehensive production report with details about the design and the most important aspects of their design. The rules are changed every year and they always come out 8 months before the competition itself. Unlike the Air Cargo Challenge, the DFB is more challenging since organizers change the aircraft purpose each year, meaning a completely new aircraft must be made each year.

The competition can be divided into three areas. The first area represents determining the costs of the production of the aircraft using physical parameters such as weight and wingspan. The second area is the assessment of the flight mission, i.e. the assessment of the speed, steering and load capacity. The third area is not always defined and varies between competitions. Sometimes, the aircraft is required to go over and uneven surface on the ground and thus the steering of the aircraft on the ground is assessed and sometimes the organizers assess how well an aircraft can release water at a certain height.

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