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BEOAVIA is a part of the “Students' Technical Tournaments” association and was started in June 2018. The team deals with design, construction and manufacturing of radio-controlled aircraft in order to participate in various European and global competitions and to interact and exchange experiences with other universities as well as to widen the knowledge and skills.


Team members are students from three faculties from University of Belgrade:

The Beoavia team is currently working on the realization of two projects:

Members are divided into four subteams depending on the members sphere of interest and to also allow for ease of access.

  • Begining of design of RAVEN TL18 June 2018
  • End of manufacturing of RAVEN TL18 February 2019
  • Begining of design of RAVEN 19 January 2019
  • End of manufacturing of RAVEN 19 June 2019
  • Air Cargo Challange August 2019
  • Design Build Fly April 2020
Our mision

The team is founded in order to engage all interested students and give them the opportunity to improve their knowledge and experience which could be applicable in their careers.

We would also like to encourage the cooperation and exchange not only within University of Belgrade, but with other Universities both in Europe and in the world. We aim to represent the mutual interest of all our members and other interested parties.


The current goal is manufacturing RC aircraft which will hopefully be successful on the upcoming competition in Stuttgart, Germany. After that we would like to start the production of RC jet aircraft, and participate in numerous competitions in different disciplines.

As a longterm mission of BEOAVIA we are willing to include young students and finally secure the project for the future generations.

Team BEOAVIA , University of Belgrade

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